HSV - Understanding: Herpes - Herpes


Herpes may be described as a "strong" disease because of the reason that it has now become rampant all over the world. Other types of sexually transmitted disease may be passed on only during sexual penetration, but with herpes, transmission does not only happen during penetration, but also via oral sex, and sometimes even transmission of body fluids, specifically in oral herpes. Since herpes is now becoming widespread, it may be best to learn more about it to be able to manage it better once you get infected with the virus.

An early diagnosis of herpes is definitely a must. This may be because a carrier of herpes may transmit the herpes virus to other people very easily, especially if the patient is not aware that he has that kind of STD. Similar to other STDs e.g. syphilis, herpes may have symptoms that may sometimes be unrecognized or hardly noticeable. Some symptoms may also be exactly the same with the signs of other STDs. Correctly diagnosing herpes, therefore, may mean the need to undergo several tests for herpes to rule out the probability of other diseases.

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